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1 Em Sieler (b.1999, they/she) is a new media and lens-based visual
2 artist in New York, NY. They study Visual Arts and Computer Science
3 at Columbia University, with a concentration in Computer Graphics & Vision.
4 They are currently working as a programmer and fashion photographer.

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1 I use the camera to claim ownership of my image in
2 reaction to the violence of viewing and being viewed.
4 I want to reclaim the portrayal of self in opposition  
5 to the bodies, stories, and emotions that are deemed   
6 acceptable enough to occupy  physical and digital
7 space.
9 I use my body as a medium through performance and
10 self-portraiture to resist the disembodiment of
11 surveillance in the digital era.
13 I participate in the performance of the self through
14 social media and investigate the feedback response of
15 digital spaces.
17 I aim to interrogate the role of photography and 
18 image creation in the attention economy and the role
19 of the self as social currency across digital
20 landscapes.

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